Need to manage a key injection program? InfoX is here to help.

Key injection can only be performed by certified persons. The payment industry refers to these mandated review certifications as the TR39 reviews.

Cryptographic keys must be managed and secured. To comply with the requirements set forth by the major card issuers, the program’s methods and standards need to be assessed by  an auditor that has been trained and certified. A secure key injection facility must undergo a field review in order to be approved for use when injecting equipment.

InfoX can facilitate the review and will highlight any weaknesses found in the program that must be addressed when attempting to achieve certification. During the field audit, the details of the cryptographic structure will be examined, the key injection procedures will be reviewed, and the life history of all keys will be discussed. PIN security procedural documents will be generated, and the management designee will also be briefed on the auditor’s findings. An auditor’s final certification will then be issued.